Innoveat is the weight loss division of SinuSoothe Ltd which was formed in the UK in 2009 by James and Jacqueline Shearer after they both suffered terribly from sinusitis.

Using their creative abilities, in depth knowledge of natural remedies and James’ scientific background they developed a natural nasal spray that treats a variety of sinus conditions such as sinusitis, sinus allergies, rhinitis and nasal spray addiction.

Our company manufactures and distributes the hugely successful and innovative natural nasal spray SinuSoothe worldwide. It is getting rave reviews and is being recommended by doctors in the United States to treat all types of sinus conditions. It has been called ‘a Godsend’,‘Amazing’ and has been life changing for many people (for more information please visit www.sinusoothe.co.uk).

We also have an award winning natural skin care division called Mama Nature which has amazing products ranging from nappy creams to beauty products. Again, some of these products, particularly the ones for skin disorders such as rosacea, have been life changing for many people. (for more information please visit www.mama-nature.co.uk).

James and Jacqueline are innovators and this is also prevalent in their weight loss system. Together with their research and development team they have created an innovative weight loss system that is helping people to lose weight and changing their lives for the better. They believe that natural is best and they care passionately about our environment. They want to continue making a real difference and their philosophy is simple – to improve the quality of life of their customers through their natural products.